Corporate Event Services 

The Cappuccino Club, Inc. has been utilized in many creative ways within business settings. Our carts easily fit in most elevators, allowing us to set up in private conference rooms, lobbies and employee break rooms. this service is most often utilized by large law firms, cpa firms or any off-site business function. 




 Below are some of the best ways to use our services: 

  •  Boost morale in the office. 
  •  Reward a department.
  •  Introduction of a partner or employee.
  •  Retirement of partner or employee.
  •  Introduction of a new product line.
  •  Client "Thank You" gift.
  •  Give away at a service or product show. 
  •  Breakfast/Lunch Meeting.
  •  Staff Meeting.
  •  Monthly Networking Meetings. 
  •  Seminars.